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Mara Gosen PT, DPT

I am a licensed physical therapist through the state of Michigan that has been practicing in Pediatrics for two years now.  I attended undergraduate and graduate school where I received my doctorate at Central Michigan University.

I strive to enhance children's participation and independence in daily activities at

home, school, and in the community as well as preventing or reducing the risk of secondary complications or impairments. Every treatment session is individualized to the child's needs and engagement. I enjoy learning new techniques as well as staying up to date with education courses. Currently, my continuing education courses include Serial casting, Neurodevelopment techniques (NDT), Pediatric bowel and bladder, Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI- level A) and toe walking.  


In my spare time I enjoy taking all different kinds of work out classes such as Yoga, Pilates and Orange Theory. I enjoy traveling, being outdoors, going to concerts and spending time with my mini goldendoodle Nash.



Oh my goodness, I am so beyond grateful to have met Mara. She has done so much to help my daughter in this year that we have known her and I will forever be thankful for that. She made such strides with her toe walking and it's no longer a coping mechanism for her. She loves Mara so so much and I am so thankful for the relationship and friendship both my daughter and I have gotten to build with Mara. 


Thank you Mara for being an awesome Physical Therapist and friend to Trenton! Last week Trenton had his last P.T appointment with her. He has graduated from P.T! I wanted to sincerely thank you Mara from the bottom of my heart for helping Trenton and loving him.


Two of my children receive a total of 3 different types of therapies here. My daughter sees Mara for Physical Therapy. Going to therapy is always something she looks forward to. She is always so excited to see Mara, Hayley, and Dave and tell them all of the things that have happened in the last week since she saw them. These 3 always make themselves available for my children and make sure my children know that they care about them and their progress.
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