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Dave Eilers MS, CCC-SLP

I am a certified speech-language pathologist through the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and licensed in the state of Michigan. I graduated with a Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Grand Valley State and also hold a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education. 


I have taught Kindergarten for five years prior to returning to school to specialize in pediatric speech, language, and feeding. I have worked in Outpatient Pediatrics for 9 years and earned Michigan's Speech-Language Pathologist of the year in 2022-23.

I enjoy spending time with my wife and two daughters (Aria and Emma), as well as anything that involves sports and being active!  My wife, Taryn, is a 1st Grade teacher at Marshall Elementary.  We love the Byron Center Community.  Go Bulldogs! 


I am constantly seeking to stay up to date on best practices.  My continuing education experiences include LAMP Words for Life, Beckman Oral Motor 1 & 2, McNeil Dysphagia, and Picture Exchange Communication.



My daughter began speech therapy with Mr Dave at 16 months old. At that time she had absolutely zero communication. We began a picture exchange communication system. Progress was slow at first but we stayed consistent on our visits with Mr Dave. I fully believe he is responsible for my child talking.

My daughter is now 8 years old and speaks in complete sentences. In all her years as his patient, he was never unavailable for sessions. He is the most consistent therapist I have ever met. And as a mother of two children with severe autism, we need consistency!

Mr. Dave is highly recommended and sought out by the community. I guarantee you if you look on any social media platform seeking a recommendation for a therapist, his name will be brought up. Likely multiple times. He really is that good. Of course he has education and experience. But his heart is what drives his passion to help others. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him.


My son saw Mr. Dave for feeding therapy for 3+ years. He was very knowledgeable about my son's condition, his struggles with feeding and eating, the reasons and causes behind it, and different ways to remedy it.
Dave is extremely skilled in feeding therapy strategies and methods to help your child make the best possible gains at their own pace.
Mr. Dave is a kind and compassionate therapist who makes therapy fun and engaging for kids while still being productive.
Dave works well with kids with different disabilities and temperaments; we went through many seasons when my son was no picnic to have in therapy and Mr. Dave never batted an eye.
He is a fantastic member to have on your treatment team! 


Mr. Dave started seeing my child at 3 years of age. At first my child only spoke very few words and zero sentences. He started with 2 words, then 3 words and so on...I can reflect on the days where I would question, will my child ever talk like the average child?
Mr. Dave always assured me he would and he wouldn't stop until that came true. My son was not always willing to put in the work and Dave always went above and beyond to be flexible and help keep him on track. Whatever it took, Dave met him where he was.
He empowered not only my child, but me as a mother. Mr. Dave is well known throughout my community, even with a 30 minute commute. I promise if your child is in need of speech, you will be making the absolute best decision by choosing him as your kiddos therapist.
Mr. Dave of course has the education and trainings, but his passion and advocacy for children truly is the BEST and I wouldn't settle for ANYONE, but him for my child. He is playful, routine, flexible, gentle and builds connections with each kiddo he sees.
Thank you for ALL you do Mr. Dave!!!
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